Video Editing & Playback

Our video technicians use synched video (synching services provided) to cut designations based on page and line numbers rather than video times to significantly cut down editing time.  Synched video also allows the in-court video tech to adjust videos based on judge’s rulings the day you want to play the witness’ testimony.   If your budget does not warrant a seasoned trial tech for all days of trial, our video technicians can expertly play video designations with exhibits at an hourly rate.

Video Depositions – Expertly Executed as close to a Live Witness

Video Impeachment – Expertly Executed for Hostile Witness

Video Editing Playback

Video Application in Trial

Trial Concepts also provides the following Multi-Media Services:

  • Day-in-the-Life Videos
  • Deposition Videos
  • DVD and VHS Duplication
  • Video Conversion
  • DVD Authoring
  • Video Editing & Video Effects
  • Audio Tape Services

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