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Discovery to Trial

  • Consulting

    Our team of technology experts will guide your project from initial collection to production.  We will assist you and your team through best practices for your review process. We will not offer services that you do not need or are outside of your budget parameters.

    We understand that every case has its own unique set of challenges and requirements, and our team will be there at every stage with you.

  • E-Discovery Culling & Processing

    We will pre-process, index, and search your data to efficiently extract relevant items.

    De-duplication and culling of non-responsive documents, retaining only the most relevant files, reduces the overall volume of the data which is pushed through a streaming hosted platform, or exported for your in-house application for native review.

    Reviewing natively reduces the time and cost of converting your data to TIFF or PDF images –  allowing for quicker review.  Reports can be generated to estimate processing and review time, assess the value of excluding or including certain documents, and allow you to efficiently assess the expenses associated with your case, or unexpected changes in scope due to more data provided/collected than what was originally disclosed.

  • ADD - Automated Digital Discovery

    ADD is the most streamlined workflow used in E-Discovery, and is used in conjunction with our online data streaming review tool  This is best used for collections that you need to immediately begin reviewing in order to meet a court-ordered deadline.  Discovery data is automatically copied, processed, filtered, and loaded into a review system with minimum human interaction.

    The ADD platform includes:

    • Media management
    • Forensically sound data copy
    • ECA – Early Case Assessment
    • High-speed processing with data culling
    • Analytical review
    • Production & full case reporting

    ADD can now be integrated with Relativity as well as IPRO

  • Web Hosting

    We offer data hosting services for all e-discovery we have processed, as well as data hosted by another vendor, or hosted in-house – where you now need to have cloud access for different reviewers or law firms around the country.

    Our hosted review platform allows access anywhere you have internet.  This application also allows our clients to produce documents with bates numbers, or our team can run this process for you.

  • Analytics

    Our application uses advanced analytics to identify and thread email conversations, find and compare near duplicate documents, and cluster conceptually like documents together, giving you an immediate first look at the collection graphically before even starting your review.  Computer-assisted review functionality is available as well


  • Basic File Conversions

    Small quantities of emails and e-docs may not warrant importing into our Large-Scale E-discovery applications.  A Gigabyte or less of data consisting of emails and e-docs can be produced as Searchable PDFs with email attachments as bookmarks at a low cost to provide to opposing counsel or the court. Metadata can be provided on this type of conversion.

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