Demonstratives & Illustrations

Timelines, Organizational Charts, Document Call-Outs, Maps and Stock Medical Illustrations are the basic graphics necessary to explain simple topics. We offer these at flat-rate pricing and the option to place on a large exhibit board.

We can also customize these types of graphics with animation to explain the more detailed, complex facts and theories of your case.  If your audience cannot understand your facts, then they cannot be persuaded to accept your theory.  Unlike a jury, we are able to ask questions to understand your theory and sum up your points into a simple graphical presentation.  Animated graphics create interest while explaining your winning theory.

We use Google Earth Pro in conjunction with our custom graphics to create interactive maps that will not be objected to by opposing counsel for tort cases.

Stagnant vs Animated Graphic

Stagnant Demonstrative
Explanatory Animated Demonstrative

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Trial Concepts can provide creative ways to ensure you get exactly what you want. We offer high quality trial boards, varying in size and at cost effective prices.

  • Trial Boards
  • Timelines and Charts
  • Highlights and Callouts
  • Maps
  • Magnetic Boards
  • Custom Graphics
  • Black and White Blow-up
  • Full Color Blow-up
  • Document Enlargements
  • Photograph Enlargements

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